Tamra Judge Addresses ALL The Rumors About Her

Posted: August 11, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives
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Real Housewife of Orange County Tamra Judge has taken to her public Facebook to DIRECTLY address all of the rumors that have been rampantly flying about her. 

Here is what Tamra had to say:

Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.21.55 AM


We ADORE Tamra and are happy to see her shutting this down. 

  1. Tamra if you would learn to keep your trashy mouth shut and stay out of other peoples business maybe then the rumors would stop As always your blaming everyone else for your problems . Bravo is not to blame you have done the same shit from day one I guess you have to do that to keep yourself relevent, because face it you have nothing going for you.


  2. karan east says:

    agree, and can you PLEASE, PLEASE, take that Vicki with you since you were canned, she is more obnoxious than you are. One more screech from her judgmental mouth, Or “Pity me” and I will literally go insane. She is a grown woman. Y’all act like it.


  3. Megan says:

    Do you write this blog Tamra LOL?! Everyone is hoping you get fired and I’ve never seen a grown woman behave so poorly towards others! Go focus your time on salvaging a relationship with your children who want absolutely nothing to do with you. Good luck being an Insta-Grammy…even more pathetic.


  4. Sissy M says:

    does anyone not see that Shannon is a rich bitch that cant handle life? Tamra has a sense of humor and people twist the shit she says! OMG, this is so stupid!


    • Courtney B. says:

      Shannon seems very nice and has lovely children I don’t see Tam’s children anywhere besides that loser son of hers that’s having a baby with some girl off Instagram, ok… Tam has no humor or kind side, she’s full of crap also trailer trash may I add, I thought the show was about classy wealthy women, not teen moms from trailer parks.


    • Suzie Quee says:

      You are obviously an idiot and have no idea what sinus disease is. As somone who also suffers from it, it is debilitating and It has ruinied my life. I have had 4 surgeries, I have to sleep with a CPAP machine nightly and it is so loud my husband cannot sleep with me. The disease itself has consumed my energy, my livlihood, my personality, I have migranes almost daily. It is an extremely disgusting disease where I am constantly coughing (hacking up flem ), blowing my nose, wich is certainly not lady like. My facial features have changed due to polyps. It is miserable and for Tamra to judge Shannon on her marriage due to the issues she faces because she suffers from a disease is absolutely DISGUSTING. I am BEYOND outraged at Tamra. No one has sympothy for disease like they do cancer. But it is just as debilitating.


    • Suzie Quee says:

      Do you Honestly think People ask for disease or cancer? Your a loser and YOU are so stupid.


  5. Afton says:

    Tamra is the worst, washed up.HW of all time. Her constant lying, backstabbing & nastiness never ends. Please leave the show Tamra — Im sure you read this as its literally the only blog that likes u — and seek therapy. All of yoir issues & vile behavior haa to be hard on your poor kods.


  6. Mayra says:

    Tamra ,I like to see you .dont you never leave the show, you are so funny ,and keep heather , she is a. Good friend , woman with class.:)


    • Kelly says:

      She’s so funny LOL especially when she speaks negatively about other peoples marriages and families…SO FUNNY I FORGOT TO LAUGH. She is evil and mean!!!


  7. Jacqueline says:

    I can’t help but flashback to all the season especially when she kept pointing her finger at Gretchen and calling her a liar..she couldn’t be friends with her because she couldn’t do liars…question Tamra..are you not able to go back and watch this season so you can see all the lies and backstabbing you have done..time for you to go!!


  8. Sara says:

    Tamara… I used to like you, but you very quicky became extremely icky — I agree with Lizzie (don’t worry, I think she’s all kinds of pathetic too), you are soooooo insecure. I feel like you got what was coming to you — you can only behave they way you have for so long before it catches up with you… you were lucky it didn’t bite you sooner. You’re a gross person, why can’t you admit that, you MUST know it… you chose all the things you did, it’s not like it’s not on camera.

    Like I said, I think Lizzie ha an ugly soul too, the way she talked to her husband – ick. You’re being filmed ladies… stop back pedaling. What’s done is done, true colors have been shown.

    I live in OC and HATE that you represent this place. But I admit your show is fun to watch… you volunteer for this trash for $$$, how sad… and then complain? Even more sad. Keep on acting like a icky woman, and we’ll keep watching.

    Running away like a baby… your best worst move yet. It seemed real, not like when you threw a drink in Gina’s face which was so planned and transparent. This time it seemed real because it showed you were so out of excuses. Guilty.

    Poor Eddie. I feel sorry for him… and LIzzie’s husband too. You two gals should be better friends, you’re both so good at making real woman proud that we aren’t like you and don’t embarrass our men with our trashy behavior.

    I’ll be sad to see you go, but if you stay I’ll still enjoy it because you are fun to watch fall apart and grasp as trying to stay hip and young. That ship has sailed, sorry… LIzzie has you beat there.

    Maybe they’ll bring back Gretchen.


  9. cindy Bodgy says:

    Tamera you have it out for everyone, That’s really SAD. get a hold of yourself Little Girl


  10. Suzie Quee says:

    You are the dumbest most trashy person I’ve ever seen in my life. You are a lying and conniving bitch. All you do is plot and scheme. You are the biggest brat. You may think you are hot shit but you definitely aren’t all that in a cup of tea. I have never seen someone so boldly lie without remorse to someones face. You encourage the behavior of lying and thus all the marital and relationship issues that follow with deceit.


  11. Suzie Quee says:

    You are such a nasty C-word


  12. Suzie Quee says:

    Tamra. You will recieve your Karma one day for being such a snoody bitch and judging those who you have no right to judge.


  13. Rebecca says:

    The point is that Tamara is so unhappy at the moment that she needs to take a break and recoup. She is not good for anyone at the moment. She needs to get it together and find a happy place instead of a bad place. And as for all of the other girls. maybe Heather can teach the classes on how to be happy because she put on one good act herself. I use to like her until she just could not accept an apology. People are always going to be people. You are not going to make anyone happy everyday. Poor Eddie what did you get yourself into.


  14. linda guzman says:

    Tamra, I feel sorry for your children. You do realize they have friends that maysee the show and what kind of trashy, lying, back stabbing, ugly person you are. Don’t you ever consider your children’s feelings and what teasing they must go thru? All your drinking and trashy mouth/behavior may not be seen as good for someone who is fighting for custody. Just a thought.


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