What I Thought About RHOC Right After Episode

Posted: August 12, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives
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I love how many of you are reading my blog about my RHOC thoughts from this morning. Want to see me reacting right after the episode? I recorded a video and it’s posted below. 


Let me know what you think!

  1. Lizzie does appear to be exploiting Tamra’s fame/notoriety, as well as Tamra’s, Vicki’s, and Shannon’s individual vulnerabilities.

    Tamra’s vulnerability in this instance is Eddie and in general it’s all of the things that make Tamra Tamra, including the feisty nature that will not allow her let this pass quietly; Vicki’s vulnerability is Brooks — more on that below; and Shannon’s vulnerability is her intense need for attention, which she attempts to satisfy through gross exaggeration and her own tendency to manipulate others.

    (As an aside, poor David Beador looks like a miserable man who realizes he will be villified if he’s anything less than 120% supportive of Shannon, even when her behavior is beyond the pale, while he just wants a potato with his dinner and a little tequila once in a while. For Pete’s sake, it’s really not that much to ask. Look at how happy Terry Dubrow is with a few onion rings and some “champs” on occasion. 🙂 )

    Vicki’s expression throughout the dinner was painful to watch, and I’m not much of a VG fan. Like many women who find themselves in similar situations, she knows that her relationship with Brooks is alienating her from people who care about her.Vicki is a smart woman who either realizes or is on the brink of realizing that she’s in denial, but she appears helpless in finding a way out. I think Heather saw that and demonstrated empathy and kindness in reaching out to Vicki, despite the fact that she herself was reeling from learning what allegedly had been said about her. Good for Heather for considering the source and thinking it through, despite obviously feeling a sting as it was all going down.

    You are right, too, that this will likely result in Lizzie’s return because it’s compelling television.

    It’s too bad there wasn’t more bike riding through the Bali countryside — or more foot-sucking fish; how crazy was that?! I had nightmares! — instead of yet another spa day and catfight over dinner.

    As tedious as it can sometimes be, that formula seems to work. To wit, I stayed up to watch because of all the Twitter-buzz and I just spent who knows how much time weighing in on strangers’ lives. I’m part of the problem. 😐


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