Teresa Aprea- Teresa Giudice Brought Victoria Around To Spread Lies

Posted: September 17, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Scandal
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Anyone watching the Real Housewives of New Jersey this season knows that there has been a very vicious rumor spread about Teresa Aprea’s husband, Rino, and Teresa’s mother, Santa Napolitano. Now Teresa has finally taken to her blog to address it. 

Teresa writes, “If I had known that Teresa Giudice and Amber met with Victoria previously and listened to lies about my mother, I would never have considered going to Florida with either of them. It appears the real purpose of the Florida trip was to ambush me and my sister. Obviously this would be revealed at some point and you’ll see how it plays out. I would expect something like this from the Marcheses, not from Teresa Giudice, because I did nothing to hurt her or her family. She was my friend and I considered her a good one. My entire family has done nothing but love and pray for the Giudices. As you have seen, Rino has expressed such compassion and stood be their side from day one. But now I sadly see that there was an agenda to hurt my family with all these disgusting lies. Some people will say and do anything to get attention and be in the spotlight.”

Teresa continues, saying, “Especially interesting how Teresa Giudice responded to Amber on this episode by saying she has enough on her plate with her own problems, when it was Teresa who brought Victoria around to spread these lies for the world to hear. What kind of person does this? I signed up for this show not my mother. There used to be a line of respect when it comes to parents and children. I guess these types of people don’t live by those standards with which I was raised.”

Interesting! We’re glad to see Teresa finally addressing it. What do you think? Let us know.

  1. Sometimes I think having men friends is so much easier then female friends some people love to gossip! I like Teresa guidice I don’t think she was trying to hurt your family! She got caught up in gossiping atleast I hope that’s all it was!💜


  2. Erica C says:

    She did not bring her around for that. Seriously, with all Teresa Giduice has going on. She is spending time at lawyers officices and other her family. Her sister in law and best friend were planning thag trip for her to spend time with friends. Who would plan a trip to hurt someone’s family.


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