Exclusive: Amber Marchese- I Don’t Need A Ghostwriter

Posted: September 19, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Scandal
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timthumbReal Housewife of New Jersey Amber Marchese is currently being accused of using a ghostwriter for her blog. Is this true? We spoke exclusively to Amber to find out. 

Amber says, “I am a graduate of Columbia University with a master’s of physiology/biobehavioral studies. I did my internship at Robert wood Johnson UMDNJ and my senior thesis was a 60 page write of my experience in the lab. I studied the effects of estrogen on brain derived neutrophic factors.  My grade point average was 3.9. i don’t need a ghost writer. But I do take it as a compliment.”

There you have it!

  1. K M Coffey says:

    Amber can talk about all of her accrediting degrees she SOUNDS and speaks like an idiot. Jim and Amber constantly have to tell people how smart they are WHAT colleges they went to THIS is what insecure people do. If you are smart even above average intelligence YOU do not have to get up on a soap box and tell it from the mountain tops. Actions speak louder than words. Behave like an intelligent person SHOW your intelligence by example. They both act like baboons.


  2. aG says:

    She may be academically intelligent but she is a SOCIAL IDIOT!


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