Teresa Giudice Needs A Reality Check Says Source

Posted: September 24, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Scandal
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As all Real Housewife of New Jersey fans know, Teresa Giudice is going through her share of legal problems right now and is currently looking for a new house. This past week on the show, fans even saw her looking for s new house in the million dollar price range. A source recently spoke to Radar Online and claims Teresa needs a reality check in regards to the house shopping. What is the source talking about?

The source says, ““Teresa will be lucky to afford a condominium with three bedrooms. There is no way Teresa and Joe could afford a house close to $400,000. She and Joe have almost no equity in either of their houses because they refinanced so many times.”

The source continued, “Their credit is in the toilet because of the chapter 13 bankruptcy. No bank would loan any money to them! Heck, they would even have trouble getting an apartment in Newark because of their credit history. The fact is they have almost no income coming in, and Joe is about to go to prison for up to four years.”

The source wrapped up by saying, “Teresa believes someone will step up and offer her family free housing. She is absolutely delusional, and thinks a property owner would be lucky to have her as a tenant. Of course, Teresa thinks in her mind she shouldn’t be required to pay any rent. Her family is very concerned, and her parents have even told her she could move in with them…..which would be the last thing Teresa would ever do.”

Wow. What do you think? Do you believe this source? Let us know.

  1. All says:

    I agree with T, she can live in one of my lovely trailers, they are old and have been lived in but I would be just right for T & Juicy as long as her lovely daughters don’t mind sharing a room, a small room at that.


  2. kiela says:

    Well as long as we keep giving her shows n paying her for interviews she may rise again n screw the tax payers…keep up the good work america!

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