Jackery Air- The Ideal iPhone Accessory

Posted: October 1, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Technology
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Being a blogger, I am constantly working on the go. I do the majority of my work from my phone. This is why I ended up buying the iPhone 6 Plus, as it has a longer battery life and I can work longer on the go without having to be near an outlet. Regardless, there still comes a time when I need a charge and I’m not near an outlet. This is where the Jackery Air, which I am calling THE ideal iPhone accessory comes into play. What makes it so ideal? 

The first thing I noticed about the Jackery Air was it’s size. It is 4.9 x 2.4 x 0.3 inches dimension-wise, and weighs 5.5 oz. It’s basically about the size of a small iPod:


The thing about it’s size that is great is that it’s portable. Too often, external batteries are too bulky to take with you on the go and rarely fit in your pocket. The Jacker Air is slim enough to fit in your pocket, even with a smartphone already in it.

Another thing I loved about the Jackery Air is how much extra power it gives you. In testing, I got around what was quoted, which is 110 hours of extra charging time. This is 4.58 days of extra power! For someone like me to be able to slip such a small device in my pocket and be able to not stress over my battery is great.

The only negative about the Jackery Air is that it only has one charging port, so only one device can be charged a time. In today’s world, we are so frequently working off of multiple devices, so it would be nice if it could charge more than one device at a time. However, since I primarily operate off of my phone, this did not really bother me.

For the portability and extra battery life, I am calling the Jackery Air THE ideal accessory for the iPhone, or any smart phone at that. If being on the go is something that comes along with the territory of what you do, and you aren’t always close to an outlet, this is definitely perfect for you.

You can buy the Jackery Air here for $59.95 which is discounted from the typical $79.95.

Stay tuned later this week when we review the Jackery Giant +.


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