CNN Anchor Warns Teresa To Be Careful Or WHAT May Happen?

Posted: October 6, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Legal, WWHL
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politan.vinnieFormer CNN anchor Vinnie Politan tuned in to Teresa and Joe Giudice’s Watch What Happens Live special and he didn’t seem to like what he saw, especially in terms of Teresa saying she didn’t understand her plea deal. What does he mean specifically? 

He tweeted:

Screen Shot 2014-10-06 at 10.02.34 PM

Wow. Could this happen? Let us know what you think.

  1. Mare says:

    I wonder if Judge Salas watched? She might be upset.


  2. Ana says:

    I don’t think she watched – but I don’t doubt she’s going to find out about the comments Teresa made. I didn’t think anyone could be that dumb. I was wrong. Judge Salas admonished her and told her she thought she was sensing some remorse. Teresa was told to speak from the heart and not listen to PR people and yet in the span of 20 minutes, Teresa states:
    – Accepted Plea – but maintains her innocence
    – Didn’t understand plea deal – didn’t think prison time was on the table
    – Lawyers fault for not explaining
    – Didn’t know what she was signing (plea deal) AGAIN?
    – Stated “I pay my taxes – I always pay my taxes.”
    – Her handbag was not $3000, only $2000 – never pays retail
    – Doesn’t spend money she doesn’t have


  3. mimsy says:

    I’d be very pleased if the plea were rescinded as Teresa Guidice lacks all true remorse & deserves a harsher sentence, IMO – 30 months seems appropriate to me, especially since she’s still trying to keep her (idiot) fan base by continuing post-sentencing to play the innocent, gullible spouse. Teresa is a proud college grad & alleged former buyer at Macy’s, both of which require at least an average IQ. Personally, I am appalled that the Greedyuices were allowed so many judicial delays & then told to report to the pen AFTER the hols. This sentence will be precedent for me when I embark on my criminal life on EZ Street – why pay taxes, give honest info on loan apps, pay subcontractors/physicians/utilities for my tenants, etc., when I can apparently live the high life for decades, & still retain my fugly mansion, built w/ill-gotten gains & “free” labor? And the “punishment” is to pay only 25% of my future income to my debtors??? WHY do the rest of us sheep pay our taxes/live honest lives? However, if Joe (supposedly so clueless he didn’t know his own citizenship at age 43 – B.S.!) can manage it, I predict at least one G. will be AWOL in 1/2015 (wonder what Joe would look like in a fat suit? Oh yeah – he’s wearing one. Or how Teresa would look w/blonde extensions, no fake tan/body glitter/false eyelashes but a SHAVED FOREHEAD – a MUST for a reasonable disguise!


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