Dina Manzo Talks The Giudice’s Sentencing

Posted: October 6, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Legal
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Dina Manzo is one of Teresa Giudice’s closest friends on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. She took to her blog this week to write about her thoughts on Teresa’s sentencing. What did she have to say?

Dina wrote, “I have no words for the outcome of the Giudice sentence. All I can say is if you’re doing anything other than sending this family some love right now, you need to really rethink that. No matter what your opinion, there are children and elderly parents involved. Please take a moment and just send them some positive energy and warm thoughts.”

She continued, “Just in kind of a numb mood. Wishing we can all go back to the people we knew before this show started. No, I take that back, wishing we can just all be better versions of those happy-go-lucky girls you got to know in the beginning of Season 1.”

Interesting. We agree that there are kids involved, so you need to keep that in mind when talking about what happened at the sentencing.

What do you think? Let us know.

  1. Fran says:

    Teresa and Joe should’ve thought about their kids and elderly family when they fraudentily obtained their mortgage, credit and when they claimed their bankruptcy. Like really $14 million was discharged and who ends up paying for that ?!?!? Us the honest paying consumers with higher rates on credit, higher charges at the banks and you want us to send positive thoughts?!?!? What goes around comes around. So watch out Dina because you are one fake BORING BITCH!!!


  2. Educate yourself a bit before posting. Please. Go back and read. When your done reading, go get a heart.


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