What Cast Members Are Returning To RHONJ For NEXT Season?

Posted: October 8, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Casting, Housewives
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With the announcement that the Real Housewives of New Jersey goes back into production in three weeks, fans may be wondering who will be returning to the cast. Radar Online has spoken to a source who claims to have the answer. 

While the source for Radar claims ALL the cast is being asked back, they detail a feud between two of the cast members that may complicate things.

The source claims that “Bravo has made it clear that they’re interested in Jacqueline Laurita as a full time housewife in addition to Dina Manzo. However, Dina has made it clear she does not want to work with Jacqueline. One thing they are mulling over is possibly splitting time between Dina and Jacqueline by filming Dina for half a season, likely the half Teresa would still be around for—and then filming Jacqueline for the other half, once Teresa goes away.”

The source also discussed some dissension over what to do with Kathy Wakile and Melissa Gorga, claiming, “Melissa’s storyline was weak this season and, while Kathy was only at friend status, episodes she was on seemed to do better in the ratings. They may offer Kathy full time and Melissa part time, or keep it as it. They are still debating what to do.”

Interesting! What do you think? Is Bravo making the right casting decisions? Let us know!

  1. Allie says:

    I find jac and kat very boring pls don’t bring them back


  2. Helen Damopoulos says:

    More twins time, we need to see the restaurant finished for there son,,,and see what happens with Nicole and Bobby’s relationship, we want to watch it grow


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