When Will RHONJ Begin Taping Again?

Posted: October 8, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Filming, Housewives
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Fresh off the heels of Teresa Giudice and husband Joe’s sentencing, it seems Bravo wants to capitalize on every moment they can with filming Teresa before she heads off to jail on 1/5/15, according to a new article on Radar Online. When will filming begin? 

A source told Radar, “Bravo is set to begin filming in approximately three weeks. The producers want to make sure they capture all of the footage with Teresa and her family that they can before Teresa heads off to prison.”And the network also wants all the other ladies back as well! They’ve already made offers to all the housewives to come back asap. While Teresa is a given, as Bravo wants to film her as long as they can, execs also want all the housewives to get explosively emotional about the Giudice prison time on camera.”

The source continued, “The network was set to film the girls immediately following the sentencing, as Bravo wanted to get their reactions, however, once the judge announced that Teresa would not have to report to prison until January 5th, Bravo execs changed their tune. While three months may not be a lot of time, Bravo will be sure to capture as much usable footage as they can, and can always film Joe single-parenting the girls if they need extra footage.”

Interesting! Tell us- is Bravo doing the right thing or should they not be invading Teresa during this rough time? Let us know!


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