Teresa’s Old Bankruptcy Lawyer- Teresa Didn’t Understand What She Was Signing

Posted: October 9, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Legal
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Prior to her sentencing trial last week, Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice had a bankruptcy trial which she had a different attorney for. He is now speaking out to People Magazine in her defense, claiming she truly may not have understood what she was signing.What specifically did he say?  

He first discussed Teresa’s knowledge of the family’s finances, claiming, “I did not believe that Teresa was all that knowledgeable about any of the finances of her family until ultimately she became the breadwinner.”

He then discussed that she didn’t understand what she was signing, stating, “Everyone seems to blame her that she knew or should have known. I don’t find that to be true in real life, though.People come in and sign tax returns quite often, and the spouse who is not in charge of the finances and has no information. They just do what the accountant tells them.”

Interesting. What do you think of what he’s saying? Let us know!

  1. Julie Henry says:

    Things on TV are rarely as they seem. I think that it is pretty judgemental for people to be weighing in on Teresa Giudice and proclaiming her guilty. Regardless of whether you like someone or dislike them, that has no bearing on their guilt or innocence in a criminal matter.

    I have been married twice, and both of my husbands asked me to sign documents, letters or financial documents without wanting me to see/read the papers in their entirety. In my first marriage I acquiesced and signed the documents. In my second marriage, guess what? No way! I have no idea what my ex husband did, but I later found out he was a crook in many ways. I don’t know if he did anything that would be inappropriate where I was concerned, but I know he forged my name after we were divorced.

    Everybody needs to know what they sign before they sign it. Do you realize what you are agreeing to when you download an app onto your phone? You are asked to check off a box that says that you agree to all of the terms therein. How many of you have read every single one of those things and completely understand the contents in ORDER to agree to them? I seriously doubt that anybody has read every single one of those things and/ or understands them. It is with great intent that lawyers, banks, financial institutions etc., write things in ‘legalese’. If most people had a real understanding of what they were signing, nobody would be on the Internet! Most people blindly give websites/social media, etc. the right to utilize all of their personal photos (on their phones), contact lists, all text messages, etc.

    Regardless of emotions and the *Housewives* franchise, this is Real LIFE, NOT a tv show. Some compassion is TRULY warranted. More of us ALL than not would probably not ‘withstand’ the scrutiny of an over zealous State’s Attorney Office.


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