Jim Marchese Responds To Dina Manzo, Joe Gorga, and Others

Posted: October 13, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, WWHL
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Last night, Real Housewife of New Jersey Amber Marchese and her husband, Jim, appeared on Watch What Happens Live. While on the show, Jim got to respond to comments made by Dina Manzo, Joe Gorga, and others about them. What did he say? 

Jim said, “A- Only someone with an ass as big as Dina’s could actually know how big of a douche bag a whale would need to clean it’s vagina. B- Joe, I already called you a bitch, so to repeat it, I know you only got to third grade and got to B in the alphabet, go on to C, D, and E, it’s much, much better… As far as not wanting to hang out with me, I didn’t buy any tickets to hang out, so it’s okay.”


What do you think? Let us know!

  1. chats says:

    I don’t know which is worse!
    Tre-indicted felon-stole money.
    Marcheesy-predator of people with cancer.
    I’m leaning toward Marcheesy!


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