Teresa Trying To Overturn Prison Sentence With New Attorney?

Posted: October 14, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Legal
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As one can imagine, Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice is not happy she received a prison sentence. Now, a source is telling Radar Online that she is attorney shopping all over the state in an attempt to get her sentence overturned. What specifically is the source saying? 

The source claims that she will be filing legal papers this week to support her position of getting her sentence overturned. The source tells Radar, “Teresa has been meeting with numerous lawyers since being sentenced in 15 months. She believes that more could have been done to persuade the judge to give her house arrest or probation. Several lawyers that have met with Teresa have conveyed to her that under terms of the plea deal she signed, any appeal would automatically be rejected.”

The source continued, “Teresa was advised that any lawyer telling her the judge would toss out the prison sentence isn’t being honest with her. Teresa plans on filing new financial disclosure forms, fully detailing her financial assets.”

The source wrapped up with saying, “The time for Teresa to disclose her financial assets has now passed. Trying to rewrite history and now come clean is just too late. It’s astonishing that Teresa would actually do this.”

What do you think of this? Is it worth a shot or is Teresa spinning her wheels? Let us know!

  1. IMDI says:

    Of course it’s worth a shot,fight til ya can’t fight anymore


  2. joe says:

    WOW!!! Is she for real?? Does she even realize know how stupid she looks? I’m sorry but…she claims she had no idea of what her husband did and what she signed, right? Did she ever wonder HOW she lived this lavished life style and where the money was coming from to fund it? Theresa own up already, your lucky you didn’t get a LONGER sentence! And for the record their daughter Gia has more brains then this women!


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