EXCLUSIVE :Jim Marchese Talks Plans For Season 7

Posted: October 22, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Casting, Housewives
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Last night, on Twitter, Andy Cohen confirmed on Twitter that Jim had secretly produced season 6 of the Real Housewives of New Jersey as evidenced here:

Screen Shot 2014-10-22 at 10.29.10 AM

Now, Jim has been discussing how he’s working on season 7 and what his plans are for the season in an exclusive conversation. What did Jim say? 

(NOTE: Quotes and opinions expressed below are solely Jim’s and are not reflective of the opinions of this blog)

On how it feels to be producing season 7, Jim said, “I’m honored that Andy liked how I produced the show last year. He’s going to give me more artistic control this year, including the cast and working on different storylines. It’s an exciting step forward and I finally will get to put my thumbprint on this one. On a sidetone, there will be no talking heads of Dina calling me a douchebag this year.”

When asked who will be returning, Jim detailed that “Teresa and Joe will be brought back, at least for the first half of the season. Jacqueline and Chris are being brought back as well. Melissa will most likely be downgraded to friend, as she did not bring it and was kind of boring this year; however, we are going to make Joe Gorga a househusband full time. The twins will both be back. We’re bringing Danielle (Staub) back and Dina will be downgraded to friend, as her storyline was completely dull. Kathy will also be a friend.”

We also asked Jim about what he sees in terms of storylines. He got VERY descriptive, telling us the following:

“These are not in any specific order:

– Nicole and Bobby are going to get engaged this year, but things are going to blow up when she finds out that he is secretly gay and in love with Joe Gorga. The scene on the beach kind of plays into it. Joe and Bobby will end up getting married on screen and they will have the firsts polygamous, open, LGBT marriage on the housewives show. We had hoped that Rosie had found true love, but it looks like Bobby and Joe will be the first to go.
– As far as Teresa Aprea and I, we will form the first male/female fraternity/sorority. We will be lobbying the state of New Jersey so that we can openly drink and haze new members. Part of the process will be a straight up three day drinking fest in Boca where Teresa and I will randomly choose family members of cast to  openly abuse.
– Dina surprisingly will be filmed only in closets and shoe stores. She will be taking over the Popcorn Zoo in New Jersey and become the curator. She will be allowed out for a cast trip to Sea World, where she will compare the size of the douche bag she uses to the one used by Shamoo. My bet is she uses the bigger one.
– Danielle is going to come back as a born again zen buddhist disciple following Dina’s teachings of peace, love, and happiness.
– Amber and I will engage in Krav Maga, an Israeli martial arts form to deal with any anger issues that are lingering from last season. Amber’s new scandal is going to be when she meets with Dina’s ex-husband and finds out that Dina’s been cheating on him with aquatic animals.
– Our cast trip this year- where Melissa and the girls will all walk in in their most stylish orange bikini- will be to the federal penitentiary to visit Teresa. Rino, Joe, and Bobby will visit friends they haven’t seen in a while. I will also visit with a few old clients. Teresa will also receive the Nobel Peace Prize for bringing attention to bullying on reality TV and will work to outlaw the word stupid, as making calling someone stupid a hate crime.
– Chris Laurita and I will go have a glass of wine and do something incredibly boring, while Jacqueline is going to further expose Dina’s obsession with pornography, pearl necklaces, golden showers, and strap ons.
– We will have a guest appearance by Andy this year. He has been kind enough to agree to this. In his guest appearance, he will teach the group how to file tax returns and properly write off clothing that you didn’t purchase at retail to avoid any problems.”
Wow! Sounds like a crazy season!
So what do you think? Is Jim telling the truth or just making jokes? Let us know!
  1. myworth says:

    Jim is just having fun. LOL Love him or hate him, he is hilarious!


  2. Debra Casey says:

    He’s making jokes no way half that stuff is true although he is right about Dina being boring


  3. Rachel says:

    Haha love this. Wish it were real. Sea World! Ha!!


  4. K M Coffey says:

    He’s begging 4 attention AND his sick sense of humor is only to humiliate and embarrass WE want Jim gone WE want our show back


  5. theartistformerlyknownasyoya says:

    Dear Mr. Housewife,
    You have been trolled.


  6. allie says:

    If this for real am done watching the show it needs go back the way it was bye jim


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