Why Jacqueline and Dina No Longer Speak Revealed!

Posted: October 23, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Drama, Housewives
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Although the two used to be friends, it has been no secret that sister-in-laws (and Real Housewives of New Jersey) Jacqueline Laurita and Dina Manzo have been feuding for quite some time. Fans are always asking what is behind their feud. Today, Radar Online released an article discussing why Dina dislikes Jacqueline so much. What is a source telling them? 

A source claims to Radar, ““As ridiculous as this sounds, Dina has been holding a grudge against Jacqueline Laurita since Season 1.”

According to the article, when Danielle brought out her book during the season 1 finale and pointed her finger at Dina as being behind the outing of the book, things started to get sticky. “Like she often does, Dina tried to act like her hands weren’t dirty at that dinner. Jacqueline sat quietly and played along at first, especially in the beginning, when Dina’s sister, Caroline Manzo, took responsibility for showing the book around herself,” the source continues.

However, once Dina pointed a finger at Jacqueline for having a part, “That’s when Jacqueline lost it and told Dina ‘I’m done lying for you.’ As soon as she said that, her relationship with Jacqueline was basically over. After the dinner, the girls went to the reunion, and Dina acted civilly, but when Jacqueline’s husband claimed Danielle was welcome in his house anytime, Dina turned this around and, yet again, made it about her. Dina took this as a personal offense and felt that by her family members being nice to Danielle, they were going against her. Once she left mid-season 2, she cut off all ties with Jacqueline. To this day, she is still holding on to her grudge.”

We truly would like to see these two make up and get past this.

What do you think? Let us know!

  1. Helen Damopoulos says:

    Dina does not like anyone talking about a mom, well Danielle is a mom to two beautiful girls, Dina you are an asshole


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