Jim Marchese Did NOT Neglect A Child

Posted: November 5, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Drama, Housewives
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The other day, a Twitter user accused Jim Marchese- husband of Real Housewife of New Jersey Amber Marchese- of neglecting “his child” who had apparently ended up in the hospital. The user claimed that he had neglected his son, Vinny. The only problem? Jim doesn’t have a son named Vinny. Jim spoke exclusively to All About The Tea to set the record straight. What did he say? 

Jim told them, “I have not fathered a child named Vinny. That child is NOT mine. Nevertheless, I believe every child should be loved, educated, and given proper medical care.”

We adore Jim and have SEEN his parenting in action and know that he would NEVER neglect his children.

  1. We deal with twisted demented people to accuse someone with harsh rumors about a family member would be horrible. How would you feel if you were accused of something so disgusting and not to be asked or anything and go to the media and spread this vermin. Oh wait! Now you know how Santa felt when you spoke about her and her son in law. Now you see how words hurt Jim?


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