Opinion: Why Dina Manzo Is Likely Mad At Kathy Wakile

Posted: November 5, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Drama, Housewives
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As we know from Watch What Happens Live and a Twitter exchange the other night, Real Housewife of New Jersey Dina Manzo does not like Kathy Wakile. Why is that? We have a theory. 

In OUR opinion, it has to do with Kathy bringing Ashlee Holmes, Jacqueline Laurita’s daughter, to do her makeup. Dina probably thought Kathy was doing it to spite her (which, we FIRMLY do not believe), and got angry at her. We also believe her saying that Kathy isn’t nice to Teresa is a way out for Dina to not tell why she’s really upset.

We already know that Dina flipped that Ashlee was at the reunion in the first place, and since she was there with Kathy, this is the only theory that makes sense to us.

What do YOU think? Let us know.


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