Post-Prison: Teresa Wants To Move To LA And Wanted to Join WHICH Show?

Posted: December 6, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Legal
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2013 Bravo New York Upfront

A new article in US Weekly this week claims that after prison, Real Housewife of New Jersey Teresa Giudice has plans to move to LA. While there, she WANTED to join a very specific reality show. Which was it?

A source tells the magazine, “She thinks living on the West Coast will help Gia’s career as well as hers.”

The source continued, detailing how she has been pitching reality shows to Bravo execs. “She suggested joining The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” the source claimed, “but that was rejected.”

The source also detailed that she pitched a show about running a restaurant, but Bravo also rejected it.

What would Bravo want to see her doing? According to the source, they’d like a show about her in a small house raising her children. The source states, “She’d be furnishing her home with garage-sale items, taking the bus, and living like a normal person. She is considering it.”

Interesting! Tell us- would you have liked to see Teresa on RHOBH? Or do you think you’d rather see the show she’s rumored to be considering? Let us know!

  1. tporter925 says:

    I hope we don’t have to see her, her children or husband on TV again. They all need a dose of reality called living your lives without it being in front of the camera or played out in the media.


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