Evin Cosby- My Father Is The Father You Thought You Knew

Posted: December 16, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Celebrities, Real Mr. Celebrity, Scandal
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In the wake of her mother saying Bill Cosby is the man you thought you knew, Bill Cosby’s daughter, Evin, has released a statement on her Facebook. What is she saying? Enid writes, “Spelman College should be ashamed of themselves. Morehouse College is a all BLACK school for men. Does anyone remember 4 Black men that were SENT to PRISON because a fellow Spelman student said she was raped. Well…… This Spelman woman was caught and turned out she lied about being raped after these men had their faces posted on the cover of ever news paper and held in jail. Someone please look up this article it was called Rape of the Spelman coed and it was in emerge magazine. Shame on YOU Spelman. You need to go to Sister’s Chapel and talk about this article revisit how many other innocent MEN that have been WRONGFULLY accused!!”

What do you think about what Evin said? Let us know.


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