EXCLUSIVE: Wendy Feldman Clarifies Book- It Will Be “Funny”

Posted: December 16, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Books, Housewives, Legal
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Wendy Feldman, Teresa Giudice’s former crisis manager, is writing a book. She gave us some further clarification on this today exclusively. What did Wendy say? 

Wendy said, “It’s a book about a crazy year where I had so many high profile clients. It is not my life story and it is not just about Teresa Giudice. Honestly, it’s funny- not nasty.”

Wendy continued, stating that, “I mean it’s ironic to be shooting GMA, prepping Teresa and have a family of a murder suspect on the phone. That’s a typical day. That’s life plus all the clients who came home and did well. That’s the bonus. I also has rappers like Mike G and my own TV shows so it’s a juggle.  Teresa Giudice was one part. And what she was put through and hence I was put through was fascinating. That’s what people don’t know. It’s the same as the show I do on E! Secret Societies of Hollywood.”

There you have it. We definitely think it sounds interesting!


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