Peter Madrigal- The Vanderpump Rules Cast Deserves A Raise

Posted: December 16, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Vanderpump Rules
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TMZ recently caught up with Peter Madrigal, the manager on Vanderpump Rules. Peter spoke about the money the cast makes. What did he say specifically? 

Peter told them, “The ratings are great. I sip free booze all the time. People like to buy me drinks sometimes, like if I’m out- shots, shots, shots. And I hardly fly. Everyone else decides to spend their money on flights. That’s not me. I don’t know. I make good money. I make good money. I think I’m fine.”

He continued, stating that, “If everyone else wants to make more money then I’ll talk to my manager and he’ll help me make more money. I definitely think we deserve a raise. I think we do. Come season four I think our pay should get bumped up a little bit… Let’s say 10K an episode. Yeah. I’ll be happy.”

Vanderpump Rules is a GREAT show with GREAT ratings. We agree that the cast deserves to be making more money.


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