Vicki Gunvalson- I Was Like ‘How Can My Boobies Be Showing?’

Posted: December 17, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Scandal, WWHL
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Real Housewife of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson was on Watch What Happens Live last night. While there, she addressed the photo of her breasts that accidentally appeared on Instagram last week. What did Vicki say about it? 

Vicki said, “So I was getting out of the shower, I had my wrap on. I was going from the bathroom to the bedroom to get my bra and my cute little panties on and I saw my headphones sitting there, so I thought I might as well thank Andy and Bravo for giving them to me. I took a picture of them and I didn’t know that my reflection was going to go off the cellophane and I Instagrammed it out without my glasses on… I got a call from Cara Keough (Jeana’s daughter) and she said ‘you need to get that off because your booies are showing.’ I’m like ‘How can my boobies be showing because I took a picture of the headphones?’ The next thing you know, I tried to get it off and then… I don’t know anything… I closed my eyes and shut my ears and didn’t go on social media for two days… They’re beautiful, they’re 52, they’re perky, they’re gorgeous… Of course they’re mine. They’re all mine.”

We definitely think people can make innocent mistakes and give Vicki credit for owning it.

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