What Does Andy Think of Adrienne Being Back on RHOBH?

Posted: December 17, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, WWHL
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Recently, Brandi Glanville taped a special segment for the Watch What Happens Live Youtube channel where she got to ask Andy Cohen some questions. One of them was what he thought of Adrienne Maloof returning to the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. What did Andy say?

Andy told Brandi, “I thought it was great to see her this season. I liked your scene with her where you apologized. I thought it was good that she kind of took some air and she was clearly so suffocated by everything that was being talked about when she was last a housewife. Now time has passed. She’s clearly ready to engage a bit. I liked seeing her. I always like seeing people from the past go back.”

We also enjoyed seeing Adrienne back. Tell us- did you?

  1. […] to a new Real Mr. Housewife report, Adrienne Maloof is now being welcomed back to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills by Andy Cohen. In fact, he […]


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