NeNe Leakes- I’m Not Friends With Cynthia NOW or NEVER

Posted: December 18, 2014 by RealMrHousewife in Drama, Housewives
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Real Housewife of Atlanta NeNe Leakes spoke the Huffington Post Live about the current status of her friendship with Cynthia Bailey. What did she say?

Of her former BFF, Nene says, “‘m not friends with Cynthia, now or never.ย When you break my trust to that degree. unfortunately for me, I can’t move forward and maybe it’s something that I need to pray about, but I honestly cannot move forward with you.”

She continued, stating that, “We shared so many things … to me it felt like if you were dating a boyfriend and then he leads you on and on. You come home one day, and he is like, ‘No, I moved out and I moved in with my new girlfriend.’ And you’re like, ‘What happened, I thought we were good?'”
What do you think about what NeNe said? Let us know!

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