Tom Schwartz- Stassi Dehumanizes Katie

Posted: January 20, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Drama, Vanderpump Rules
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Vanderpump Rules star Tom Schwartz watched his girlfriend, Katie Maloney get into it with Stassi Schroeder on lsat night’s episode. He took to his Bravo blog to voice his opinions on the situation. What did he have to say? Schwartz writes, “Before I roast Stass, let me just say I don’t enjoy talking shit. It makes me feel dirty inside. Anyways, I hear Stassi say things like, “I’m done.” Get over it and yourself. It’s exhausting me to see her behave this way. She is seriously corny and is starting to seem like a parody of herself, minus the redeeming stuff. Dressing like she is 40 to try and project a more mature image, like a little girl who walks out of her mom’s closet. Can I remind everyone who has been boasting about how she’s grown and matured all season? Surely someone who has grown could quicky asses this situation and see that it’s barely worth an argument and surely not worth jeopardizing a beautiful friendship. Surely someone who has “matured” so much would have perspective on this situation. Someone who has matured wouldn’t be so rigid and judgmental in their thinking. So quick to judge everyone but herself.”

He continues, “I try and look at both sides objectively on this matter involving Katie’s so-called “betrayal.”  I could see how Stassi may be slightly hurt or feel a little betrayed, but her reaction is completely over the top and unwarranted. Nine out of 10 would agree. It really exemplifies just how immature Stassi can be. Her pea brain can’t even fathom how Katie can hang out with ‘these people.’ I want to believe she knows her case is tenuous but is too damn stubborn to cave. Also, she has got it in her mind that cutting off all ties with us is imperative and integral to her well being. I think at one point she cries that Katie is “her last link to these people.” That comment says so much about her, and it’s not good.  She has to dehumanize Katie in the moment to subconsciously feel like less of a shitty person, referring to her as a ‘last tie,’ as opposed to a great friend, then refers to the rest of the group as “these people.” By this logic she should sit her dog Zoey down (who originally was Jax’s family dog) and explain to her that she has to give her up because she’s her “last, last link” to Jax. Another example of her lame and completely unwarranted superiority complex. It was kind of sad to see her sit there and defend herself so stubbornly, like a fallen dictator who hopelessly still believes her own propaganda.'”

Schwartz wasn’t done voicing his thoughts on Schroeder, as he states, “It’s like Stass has always been a pain in the ass, but she always balanced it by maintaining some endearment. Well that has worn thin quicky in light of recent events and behavior, leaving her pretty unbearable. I always have been quick to defend Stass, but her stock has plummeted in my book, and that’s saying something. I mean, I may just be one of the most forgiving, understanding guys out there. She knows how much Katie cares about her, and Katie made it perfectly clear why she went. A good person and true friend would be able to step outside of their shoes and really try and see the issue from the other person’s POV. Katie wants to let go of these petty grudges and move forward. If anyone has grown in the matter, it’s clearly Katie. Being able to let go and forgive are massive steps in maturing. Inability to forgive is a telltale sign of small-minded person. For Stass, in regards to issues involving the rest of us, it’s always black and white. Her way or the highway (I’ll gladly take the highway). That’s not realistic, though. Life’s gray. Lots of gray.”

He wraps up with saying that, “Anyways, who really gives a shite what I think. I have plenty of my own problems at the moment. There’s some stuff weighing pretty heavily that I want to get off my chest.”

Whoa! That certainly is a LOT there. It’s clear he’s definitely on his girlfriend Maloney’s side, where he should be.

Maloney recently outed texts between her and Schroeder to further try to augment her stance on the issues the two are having.

In addition, Lisa Vanderpump also chimed in on her opinions, stating that Schroeder likes to be in control.

Tell us- whose side are you on? And why?

Let us know in the comments!

  1. Stassi reminds me a lot of a 6 year old little girl suffering from only child syndrome with a side effect of major entitlement delusions. She is so so so beautiful, and her style is amazing!! Its insane to me that her attitude is so catty, and she feels this need to be EVERYONES attorney as if they were all in a courtroom together. their problems are problems but there are sincerely awful things going on in the world, if she took this energy she has hating everyone, and put it in to being an activist, or a missionary, or even someone in the judicial system.. she would RULE. I think its sad that her mind set is that of a toddler, someone so beautiful on the outside should have a balance of equal beauty on the inside. This is 2015 and these are the women that are destroying femininity … but they make for interesting television. Which is why we watch it. which is why I follow this blog. which is why i comment. #Whatislife


  2. reality empty nester says:

    She is basically a spoiled brat, that has never been told NO by her parents. She is one of the many children of this world that has grown up with “you are smart, you are pretty, you can have it all”.. unfortunately for her, her parents forgot to teach her how to reach those goals! It is not going to fall in her lap just because she has been told all of her life that she is great! She is pretty, but my mom always told me that pretty is as pretty does! And Ms.Stassi ain’t it! If she was, she would not be a two bit player on a bunch of reality shows, she would be a star in pictures, or a model or whatever. Unless daddy bankrolls for Stassi, she will not amount to much in my opinion…. she best marry well if she wants to keep the lifestyle that she has become used to! Stassi is not a “girls girl” she is,an entitled wannabe at best. Katie would do well to say farewell to such fair weather friends


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