Woo Hoo! Good News For Vicki Gunvalson In Lawsuit!

Posted: January 22, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Legal
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Real Housewife of Orange County Vicki Gunvalson has been involved in her share of legal issues over the past year, including a major lawsuit involving Vicki’s Vodka. Gunvalson, and boyfriend Brooks Ayers, are involved in a lawsuit with Robert Williamson III, who was a partner in Gunvalson’s Vicki’s Vodka. Gunvalson and Ayers recently were successful in having their court documents sealed.

Now, it seems Gunvalson and Ayers may have more to cheer “woo hoo” about, as Williamson’s lawyer has asked to be removed from the case which will make it harder for him to beat them.

Want details? 

According to Radar Online, who obtained the court documents, Williamson’s attorney requested to the Judge to no longer be Williamson’s legal counsel due to the fact that “certain issues have arisen.”

What are the issues? Apparently, they’re so private that the lawyer gave his statement in private.

Due to his lawyer resigning, there is a much slimmer chance that Williamson will be able to come out the victor in this case.

This is certainly something for Gunvalson and Ayers to get excited about.

Gunvalson and Ayers recently started dating again, after last year’s break up when it was revealed they had a tumultuous relationship.


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