Sad Songstress- Gia Giudice Releases Music Video

Posted: January 25, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives, Legal
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gia-giudice-songAlthough 14-year-old Gia Giudice, daughter of The Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice, 42, has been getting into fights with her father lately while her Mom is away, it seems she took some time out to record a new song, “Just 13.” Why is this song so controversial and garnering so much attention? 

The video, which can be seen below, features a somber Gia singing about none other than her mother being away and all of the problem she has to face because of it.

With lyrics like “Mama said be strong and so against this storm I’ll stand… It’s just a joke to you, I’m just another hashtag, and if a camera crew followed you, what would they see? You’re just like me. So go on and talk about it, enjoy a laugh, go ahead, and tweet about it,” it is clear that Teresa being away is taking a toll on Gia and she clearly has a lot to deal with because of this.

Most recently, we discussed how Gia is playing Mom while Teresa is away in prison, which is a LOT of responsibility for a 14-year-old to have to have.

Watch the video below and let us know your thoughts:

  1. I give her credit for getting out there. Unlike the family that lives in Calabasas that wants you to keep up with them because, well because they think you should. At least Gia is out there working. Props to her.

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  2. Even though I have never felt she had the talent required for singing, This took guts and she has more than I ever could. Props to Gia, for being raw in an industry that only hungers for the far undercooked.


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