Kim Richards- I Just Wanted Everyone To Let Me Go Home

Posted: January 30, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Drama, Housewives
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Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kim Richards definitely seemed out of it at Eileen Davidson‘s poker night. She has taken to her Bravo blog to explain what happened and update us on her sobriety status. What did Richards have to say? She wriote, “I remember just wanting to leave so badly that I just kept on walking and didn’t even see the physical altercation between Brandi and Kyle. I was caught between a rock and a hard place. I mean one is my sister and one is my friend. I wanted to make it right, so I tried to speak to Kyle, but there was so much chaos between her and Brandi. Then the other girls joined in and at that point, I was frustrated and honestly wasn’t feeling well. I just wanted everyone to let me go home! This drama may have been about me at first, but it definitely ended up being about those two and whatever residual animosity they had towards one another from the past.”

“On the following day, my pain got even worse,” Richards continued, detailing that, “I spent the whole day getting tests done at the doctor’s. Next evening, I was admitted to the hospital… I mentioned that I had been struggling with bronchitis and pneumonia for weeks. Well, the doctor said I had a fractured rib, ruptured disc, and hiatal hernia, which was caused by the increased pressure from coughing. No wonder I was in so much pain before poker night! I was in the hospital for nine days. But I’m happy to announce that I’m currently healthy and well!”

Richards wrapped up with saying, “Don’t mistake my sadness for weakness. If I were not strong in my sobriety today, I could never do the things I’m doing. Thank you to those who have shared their kind words and support!”

We’re thrilled to hear Richards is still doing well in terms of her sobriety.

Other wives took to commenting on the party, with Davidson claiming Kim and Brandi together were disturbing, and Lisa Rinna giving her opinion that Brandi masks her pain with alcohol.

What do you think about what Richards wrote? Do you believe her or do you think something else was going on that night? Let us know!

  1. jrzshorelady says:

    I’ve had bronchitis and pneumonia, and no way was she still sick or recovering from them while at poker night!!! #1 Her lungs would hurt so much she wouldn’t be able to inhale the cigarette or whatever it was she was smoking, #2 she would have been coughing or gasping for breath, you can barely talk because it takes so much effort to breathe and yet she had no problem in that area either. Stop with the lies, Kim!!! If she had all those physical ailments due to increased pressure from coughing she wouldn’t even be able to stand up straight or sit down so easily. Unless of course those were massive drugs that Monty gave her.


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