Which RHONJ Are Returning For Season 7?

Posted: January 30, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Casting, Housewives
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With news breaking yesterday that casting is underway for the seventh season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, fans are wondering which of the housewives from years past will remain. While we can’t confirm anything specific, what we’d like to offer is a list of reasons why EACH of the past women (sans Danielle Stuab, who we previously detailed reasons she shouldn’t be allowed to return) deserves consideration to return. 

Caroline Manzo– Known as the matriarch of the Housewives, Manzo has always kept the “Italian Mother” image in the picture. She’s got opinions that she’s unafraid to express. She’s protective over her children and her family. She tells it like it is, whether you want to hear it or not. And, at many points in the show’s history, Manzo has been the peacemaker of the group, typically trying to settle problems. Whether you like her or not, every Housewives franchise needs a peacemaker, and Manzo always played that role, as well as the motherly role. For these reasons, she deserves to be considered to return.

Jacqueline Laurita– Laurita brought realness to the show. She unabashedly showed struggles with infertility, mother/daughter issues, friendship problems, was open about her plastic surgeries, and more. In addition, she showcased her son’s autism in a way that was sensitive, honest, and real. Laurita was never afraid to show emotions at the time she was feeling them, and she was never afraid of a confrontation if one had to happen/one ended up happening. In addition, Laurita always stood her ground. Think back to the reunion where she didn’t show up- that was completely her choice and she did it because of how she was feeling at the time. Oh, and let’s not forget season six ratings went up when she reappeared for a cameo. For these reasons, she deserves to be considered to return.

Dina Manzo– This is a tricky one, as we’ve not always had the best relationship with Dina personally. However, taking the personal out of it, she is one of the original cast members which buys her some points. In addition, no one can deny that she’s pretty and has attitude to go along with it. If Manzo is to return, we’d like the season 1 version, as she felt more authentic in the way she acted (think back to when she made comments like “Does she want to skin me and wear me like last year’s Versace?”). For these reasons, she deserves to be considered to return.

Kathy Wakile– When Wakile joined the show in the third season, she immediately had an interesting spot, as she was Teresa Giudice’s cousin. However, Wakile proved the fact that she earned a spot on the show. She had a funny husband, a real interest in family time and baking, and was also unafraid to speak her mind. Going on a show with family can be very difficult, but Wakile kept it classy, even when confronting her cousin. Wakile also brings along her sister Rosie Pierri and husband Richard Wakile, who both are hysterical. In addition, ratings went up season six on the episodes Wakile appeared on. Finally, watching Wakile’s nearly grown up children on the show was a fresh breath of air for reality television, as they were well-mannered teenagers, something you don’t see very often on reality tv. For these reasons, she deserves to be considered to return.

Melissa Gorga– Gorga came on the show with a bang, as in the first episode she was on a chaotic fight that would go down as one of the most intense ones in the Housewives franchise broke out at her son’s christening party. She handled this like a champ, and continued to show her ability to stand up to Giudice, something that wasn’t easy. Fans got to watch her on her multi-year journey of family issues, something she wasn’t afraid to discuss. Gorga also released some catchy songs while on the show, and has an adorable family and very attractive husband to boot. For these reasons, Gorga should be considered to return.

Amber Marchese Although Marchese has only appeared on one season thus far, she more than proved her wroth in the last season. Think about it- during season six, without Marchese and her unafraid to say what’s on his mind husband, Jim, there would have been little to no drama or conflict on the show. The selling points of a reality show typically revolve around drama, and from the get go, both Marchese’s were unafraid to bring that. They also have an amazing family, one who I’ve had the pleasure of sharing a meal with before. In addition, Marchese was unabashedly honest about her journey with cancer, up to showing the scars she still had from it. This took viewers on an emotional journey they would not soon forget. For these reasons, she (and her husband!) deserve to be considered to return.

Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano– Who could forget the twins? They’ve got adorable accents, they’re funny, they’re chatterboxes- and they’re pure entertainment on the screen. Never before has a franchise had a pair of twins on a Housewives show. While some may think it’s gimmicky, we found it entertaining to watch the two of them interacting. They also were able to bring some New York attitude to the show, as they were born and raised there before moving to Colts Neck, NJ. For these reasons, they should be considered to return to the show.

While we do realize we likely will be parting with some of these women, as there currently is a casting call for the show, we are hopeful that what we’ve written above will at least be considered. Each of these women has proven their worth to the franchise in multiple ways. While we understand sometimes “new blood” is good, we simply do not want to have to part with all of these women.

(Note: We did not mention Teresa Giudice, as, at this point, it would be impossible for her to film this year).

What do you think? Let us know in the comments.

  1. Helen Damopoulos says:

    Bring back the twins! and there families have the best qualities and they interact so well with the other wives and husbands,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,and they are glamorous, woman should follow there lead with exercise and family values


  2. Helen Damopoulos says:

    Bobby and Nicole should get married on the show, yea!


  3. Just Desserts says:

    Lose the Marcheses. Jim was so obnoxious that Amber has to go, too.


  4. Sue Flenley says:

    Amber needs to go…one season was enough!!!


  5. Barb Parker says:

    Don’t forget Rosie! She definitely needs to come back!!! She is soooo awesome!!


  6. reigansmum says:

    It would be fab to have them all! Absolutely Love & miss Caroline Manzo, Jacqueline, Kathie and Rosie, Melissa & Joe Gorga are my favs along with the Guidice Family, love Gia she’s a credit to Her Parents, amazing young lady, Jacqueline’s Daughter should isn’t as mature.


  7. olga smentek says:

    Everyone knows Teresa Giudice is the one that makes the RHONJ real, it won’t be the same with out Teresa PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bring her back,
    film her in jail she real good


  8. I agree loose the Marcheses keep all originals I love the original cast and let Daneille come back


  9. Maria Ines bitencourt says:

    Vai passar no Brasil?? Amei essa série!! O Brasil ama RHONJ. Outra coisa, a Teresa é o tempero da série. Faça algo que ela possa participar. Ela é Amor, Amor… Amo Teresa. Essa série Orange é muito fraca, pelo menos aqui no Brasil ninguem gostou. Mas, a turminha Caroline, Rosie, Melissa e Teresa, são os nossos favoritos.


  10. bring all of them back


  11. Cari says:

    Would love to see Jacqueline, Amber and Melissa.


  12. Terry says:

    PLEASE lose the list from last season! The twins are just whiny little bitches who grate on the nerves, nothing special about that. Amber and her mouthy husband are just as annoying and Dina, well the show was better without her. Keep and bring back the regulars, the Gorgas, the Wakilies and Rosie, the Loritas and the Manzos. If the Manzo grown children and Victoria Waklie take a more active role it will fill the gap and will actually be a better show. There will still be plenty of outside drama to keep it interesting yet more comforting to us long time RHONJ fans.


  13. AKM says:

    Yuck!!! The twins are terrible. If I was from New Jersey I’d be embarrassed because of those two. Amber was entertaining but her husband was such a jerk so I don’t think they’d be good the show.
    Jacqueline definitely should come back along with Dina, Kathy,Rosie, and of course Big Red Caroline but also keep the originals Teresa G. And Melissa!!! She’s the anchor that always brings them back together so I hope she comes back! 🙏🙏🙏


  14. DonnaLee says:

    For the life of me, I have no idea why Caroline would even want to come back. She has her own show about her family. When Bravo put her against Tre, it about ruined her. She did try to make a come back in her last season but no matter what she did, most remember her stating prior that she was NEVER a friend to Tre nor would she ever be again. She did what Bravo told her to do. Aside, from fighting with Tre, the only other thing she has is her family and they gave her a show. She should stick with it.

    Other than, Nicolas, Jac really does not have much to bring to the show either. Ashlee has grown up and moved on. She does not have many real friends now, since she outed herself to be a bad friend to Danielle, Dina, and Tre. However,, she could become very friendly with the Marcheses since they are sort of like her ie Bobby. Plus, it’s common knowledge that her family is involved in shady business deals and they could end up just like the Giudices since they are famous also.

    Dina has way too much class for RHONJ. She was better on HGTV.

    The Wakiles and Gorgas did what Bravo brought them on the show to do. They brought the Giudices down. A lot further than Bravo wanted them to, perhaps. Without the Giudices, they have nothing to offer except Rosie. I love Rosie and Joe Giudice together. They are funny.

    One can tell that the Marcheses came on the show to further her career as an actress. Her husband, however, is shady and most can’t get over how he was a part of a company who was giving a drug to cancer patients that did not work and then dimed them out. He was a part of what took place and that’s creepy.

    The twins need to stop acting and be themselves. They are way to over the top and one can tell they do whatever the producers tell them to do. I love Bobby and Rino because they don’t do what the producers tell them to do. They are funny and real.

    Danielle should not come back to the show because, like Dina, she has proven that she has way too much class and respect for her children.

    Tre should also be done with RHONJ also. I don’t think she should be around those who helped bring her down. She will get that cooking show along with something with her children and move on.

    Bravo needs to totally redo RHONJ or drop it like they did Miami etc.


    • kathy o says:

      get rid of jim & amber, they got there 15 min of fame. dina should stay out she was boring, bring back caroline since tre will not be there, & keep everyone else. they made the show


  15. Helen Damopoulos says:

    Oh yes Juicy and Rosie should film a season together , too funny , maybe Rosie could be the kids Nanny, that would bring down the mansion,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,that would be the most watched season in Housewives history


  16. Angie says:

    Get rid of Amber and the twins. Bring Rosie back along with Kathy


  17. Jackson says:

    I think they should bring back Jacqueline, Kathy, Amber, and make Rosie a housewife! Rosie is the best and bring the ratings up! Then bring in some new ladies. There are a lot of big personalities in NJ that would be happy to be apart of the show. Maybe have the twins as “friends”


  18. Debbie says:

    Bring back Teresa and Amber and Danielle!
    Jackie is bipolar and is a ticking time bomb for Bravo and is totally unstable….Melissa is phony and has no story line without her movie star sister in law Teresa…Caroline is just boring and is a legend in her own mind….Kathy is a big brown noser only to those that can help support her financially…she is a user…..although Teresa is her cousin…and she clearly did not respect her as her cousin…she should have at least respected her cousin Teresa as an accomplished author…Rosie was a big two face….one minute she was loving Joe Giudice and then next she was trash talking him and his family…the twins don’t know when to shut up….Dina is pretty but to zen for me….Put in some new blood or shelve the show until the real star comes out of the hammer. Just saying


  19. Mari says:

    I think Caroline, Dina, Jacqueline, & Kathy Walkie should return they honestly made the show w them there wasn’t too much drama and they made it the housewives. I wouldn’t bring back Danielle, or the twins or even melissa there too fake and it’s housewives not live in or finances


  20. Charlee says:

    I would love to see Kathy, Caroline, Jacqueline, & Melissa. I loved when all of them were on the show. It was all about family and that’s what this country needs..


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