Bobbi Kristina Update: Drugs Found On Scene, Things Look Bleak

Posted: February 3, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Celebrities


Saturday’s news that Whitney Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, was found unconscious facedown in a bathtub on Saturday had us very upset. It was also extremely eerie, as this is the way Houston had died. Family friends were quick to explain that this was her father, Bobby Brown’s, worst nightmare, with Brown eventually himself releasing a statement asking for privacy.

What has gone on since the weekend? We have a quick summary of what has gone down below:

– There have been mixed reports that Bobbi Kristina has possibly been on life support/hooked up to a ventilator helping her to breathe.

– Other reports claimed that Bobbi Kristina was essentially brain dead and that family members were told to prepare for the worst.

– Rapper Foxy Brown released an Instagram post last night claiming Bobbi Kristina had opened and closed her eyes on her own.


– The Houston family released a statement, stating, “Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family. We are asking you to honor our request for privacy during this difficult time. Thank you for your prayers, well wishes, and we greatly appreciate your continued support.”

– Although police did not find drugs during their first search of Bobbi Kristina’s home, TMZ is claiming in an exclusive that on a second search drugs WERE indeed found. According to the website, police believe this is why Bobbi ended up facedown in the bathtub. TMZ also explained that drugs were not found on the first search due to police quickly scanning for things that were out in the open, but on the second search, it was more involved.

We are continuing to pray for the Houston and Brown families. They have certainly been through enough tragedy in their lives and we’re truly pulling for them.

As things related to this story continue to unfold, we will keep you posted.


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