Koncerned Kris!- Kris Jenner Worried How Bruce’s Transition Will Change Kardashian Image!

Posted: February 3, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Celebrities, Kardashian
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This morning, we covered Radar Online’s interview with Bruce Jenner’s Mother claiming he definitely is becoming a woman. Now, a new report from Radar has surfaced, claiming Kris Jenner is EXTREMELY concerned about Bruce‘s transition- but he could care less! “Bruce is not doing this to spite Kris,” the source informed Radar, adding, “He could not care less what Kris thinks or does.”

The insider detailed how Kris has changed since Bruce married her, stating, “Kris is so far removed from the woman that he fell in love with that she is no longer recognizable to him. She hasn’t been for years.”

Although Kris has been rumored to feel like she caused this, the source explained this isn’t true. Specifically, “Kris did not cause this either. The fact that she puts such emphasis on beauty and attaining it through surgery, or whatever means necessary, has only made her relationship with Bruce that much worse.”

The insider elaborated on it not being Kris’s fault, saying, “It is no one’s fault and it has nothing to do with Kris. She would like to think that everything is about her all the time and it is not.”

What is Kris really concerned about, though? According to the source, “The only thing Kris cares about is how Bruce’s announcement will impact the Kardashian-Jenner empire.”

The insider wrapped up with telling Radar that, “Bruce is not doing this for attention. He is going through with this process because, at this stage of his life, it is what his heart is telling him to do.”

We give Bruce a ton of credit for being brave enough to go on this journey if this is who he truly feels he is.

To fully become a woman, rumors claim Jenner is planning to undergo a sex change operation.

What do you think about all of this? Let us know!


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