EXCLUSIVE: Kyle Richards- Brandi Is Using My Sister To Mask Her Own Issues

Posted: February 3, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Housewives


The last few weeks on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills have been filled with some intense drama. Specifically, Kyle Richards and Brandi Glanville got into an altercation that began as a verbal one and broke into a physical one. The fight was over Glanville trying to stand in the way of Kyle talking to her sister, Kim, who seemed out of sorts on that particular evening.

While Glanville has been extensively commenting about Richards on social media, the other housewives seem to be on Richards’s side. Specifically, Lisa Rinna explained how Glanville masks her pain with alcohol, and Eileen Davidson detailed how she finds Kim and Brandi to be a disturbing mix together.

We exclusively spoke to Richards recently to get her side of the story in this two-part interview!

In the first part, she discusses the poker evening, Glanville’s social media rants, and more! 

We first asked Richards what she thought about Glanville’s recent ranting about her on Facebook. Richards told us, ““I feel like that I don’t want to respond to any of her comments. I don’t want to dignify any of those ridiculous things with a response. She’s going to do this all the time. Believe me, this is going to be the mild one. Who knows what’s coming after?”

Richards then recounted the poker night for us and her thoughts on what went down. She told us, “Starting at Eileen’s that night, everything kind of took off and started going crazy from that moment on. Obviously, I have my sister and our relationship, which we had worked so hard on and come so far with. That was what was the most upsetting. Having that play out with the cameras and having Brandi try to interfere and come between us and obviously in my sister’s ear, putting things in her mind- it’s really frustrating and it’s not just a TV show. This is our lives and this is my family.”

She continued discussing how her relationship with Kim had been up to the poker night, explaining that, ” The truth is up until that night we were great (Kim and me). I kept saying it’s so fun, we can enjoy each other’s company again.’ We were laughing and being able to speak openly and everything was really good between the two of us. Ever since that night- you’ll see in the show and in this season- it really affected our relationship. “

Next we got into specifics of the poker night. Richards claimed, “Like I said in my blog, I didn’t realize that they had this relationship that Brandi claims to have. I think she’s using my sister to look like she’s caring about her while she’s masking her own issues. I think Brandi hopes her issues get lost by trying to look like she’s caring for Kim. She keeps trying to say that I wanted this to play out in front of the cameras to hurt my sister. She’s hurting my sister, me, and our relationship by saying that. I walked away- my sister followed me- into the bathroom. (In the bathroom) I was whispering and telling her, which you did not hear, to take off and cover her microphone to protect her.”

Would it make sense for Richards to try to step away from the cameras in the bathroom if she wanted to confront Kim’s being out of it on camera? Of course not! “If I wanted to make a scene, I would have said something at the table. I walked away because I was uncomfortable and I didn’t want to have anything happen in front of the cameras. Even when Kim followed me in there, I didn’t know if the cameras were going to be on or not. That’s why I kept saying cover your mic over and over again. She didn’t want to because she felt like she had nothing to hide.”

“I really didn’t know what was going on,” she continued telling us about Kim’s strange behavior. “I just knew Kim was off. I wasn’t sure. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again- I’ve only seen Kim sober since she left rehab before Eileen’s poker night and since then. Overall, I was trying to stay away from the cameras while figuring out why Kim was upset with me.”

Richards also addressed the heat she’s been taking for going to a wine tasting on a trip the girls were on that Kim was present at. She explained, “I had no idea about that. Even with Andy Cohen, we cleared that up on Watch What Happens Live. I wanted to take the girls for massages and the hotel decided to go all out. As you can see when we showed up the hotel said they had a great day set up for you. We kind of showed up and they wanted to host us. Next thing I know we were at the wine tasting. I said I had no idea. Like I said in the scene- I really had no idea. Kim’s around drinking all the time and parties and she’s always been fine, but I would never have done something like that. Everybody knew that day. We talked about it that day and all felt it was a disaster. The entire cast knew that I did not know anything about this.”

Make sure to check back tomorrow for the second part of this story where Richards gives some advice to Glanville and dishes on how her relationship with Kim currently is.

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    • Max Cat says:

      Brandi is a user: she uses others for her own benefit; look what she did to Ken & Lisa, look what she did to the last couple who owned that beautiful home that caught on fire! She’s very gutteral in all
      Situations. It’s sad really: she wants to take sweet little pretty Kim down with the ship.
      Brandi does not have anything nice to say about anyone. I’m so glad her X is smart enough to sue for total custody, and I feel
      So sorry for her children.
      The show would truly be much happier and better to watch if BRAVO simply did not renew her contract.


  2. […] a February 3 interview with Real Mr. Housewife, Richards revealed her thoughts on poker night and explain how it impacted […]


  3. Tiera says:

    i really liked Brandi in the first couple seasons she was on. She has taken a turn for terrible. She was and has been so out of line and she needs help. It’s all over the tv and just volcanos off tv. She is making herself look terrible and she has her boys she “loves” cares for. I am sorry I would be ashamed of myself acting the way she has. She needs help!!! I believe she was sneaking Kim alcohol the poker night and she is completely wrong for coming in between family!!! Just because you’re has had issues you should not come between another’s!!! Pot calling the kettle black hon!


  4. […] had worked so hard on and come so far with. That was what was the most upsetting,” Kyle tells Mr. Housewife. “Having that play out with the cameras and having Brandi try to interfere and come between […]


  5. Megan Arledge says:

    Totally agree! Brandi seemed like a very tell it how it is type of girl and I actually liked her for that but recently she has gone off the deep end. First the things she has done to Lisa V. Then the incident with Eileen (throwing the wine) which I thought Eileen handled a lot better than most people would. Now her pushing Kyle away from her own sister. I don’t know what goes on in her head but those things are very classless! Lets not forget the preview of slapping Lisa V in the face. I’m not trying to just attack her but, the facts are there it’s actually really sad! Hopefully Brandi can see the things she’s done wrong and get the help she needs.


  6. Rebekah says:

    Brandi has many issues,and continues to act out as if she is a child who can say and do as they please. She is preying on people and needs to be told once and for all her behavior doesn’t get her or the show ratings,it’s just unacceptable.


  7. Brandi is a physcotic, master manipulator and a real piece of trash.


  8. Jay says:

    Kyle, you’re pathetic. You’re the reason Kim resents you, Brandi has nothing to do with it. YOU got physical with her when she simply wanted to prevent a big fight at Poker Night! GET REAL!


    • Roz. Childs says:

      Thank You !!! Jay. “Kyle, I Got Your Number. .. SMH…. You Are WRONG !!!! all of this started before the Beverly Hills housewives and brandi, has been the xscape goat of a lot of these womens argument. Some have been Brandi’s fault yes most definitely. But not all and especially not this one. And if you remember when brandi, first came on the scene Kyle, started the mean girl bullying brandi didn’t start Diddley! remember and ever since then Brandis had to take up for herselfI don’t understand why everybody always always blame brandi.. Yes she needs to STOP DRINKING. . But, Remember The beginning… Kyle, and her family have a lot of issues that started long before any of this started with their mother their family. When you don’t take care of family issues between your sisters and your mother it spills into other relationships bottom line they all need counseling. Nothing wrong with counseling they need it .Blessings☺


  9. sarah says:

    she did not get in to it with brandi, brandi walked inbetween kim and kyle and put her arm up, kyle did push her arm down.. then brandy threw her out of the way and then towered over her…

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Tina says:

    Between Brandi’s physical attacks on people and her stumbling around drunk in almost every episode, I find RHOBH very difficult to watch. I think the show would be perfect if Brandi was no longer on the show and Kim’s air time was reduced. Most of the time their speech is so slurred, it’s hard to understand what they are saying anyway.


  11. Heather says:

    What about Kim? She’s the idiot, who needs to wake up and see when she’s being used or toyed with. No one in their right mind would try and come between sisters. Brandi needs an ally, and she’s manipulative, but Kim should be smarter than that. Kyle shouldn’t have to be there for her sister every time she falls. Kim needs to learn to pick herself back up on her own.
    Brandi grow up! You can be a friend without being evil.
    Poor Kyle.


  12. Janet says:

    Brandi is in denial of her addiction to alcohol…she’s prays on each housewives generosity and friendship…She seems to be interested in attention from the housewives & guest’s husbands, always acting and speaking inappropriate around them…Brandi is in need of some intense help!!!!! Kim will find out soon, what a good friend she is!


  13. Kyle I hope you got the first part of my post. As I said I knew your Dodo she was my patient and Kim knew my daughter Robyn (she had mutual friends.).
    I feel so terrible for you and the problems you are having with Brandi. From the 1st night Brandi showed up with her high-heeled shoes and her crutches she was TROUBLE. THERE HASNT BEEN ANYONE ON YOUR SHOW SHE DIDNT ATTACK. She is a full blown alcoholic. She has beome so dangerous that if she was in my group of friends I would suggest an intervention to send her to a place like Hazelton or Cliffside. All of your friends on the “Housewives” need help to stop her. You need help (private)from Dr Phil or Dr Drew Pinsky. All of these episodes show all of you drinking during the day. Where is Andy Cohen’ thinking ?? I prea that Kim also gets help. Maybe Dr Estrella can help. I pray you get your sister back and that she remains sober. As for Brandi, only time will tell.
    I pray for your strength.
    Nanette Grossman


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