Keeping It Honest- Kourtney Kardashian To Tell Mason About Grandma Bruce!

Posted: February 4, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Celebrities, Kardashian
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While Kris Jenner may have protected her daughters Kendall and Kylie from knowledge that their father, Bruce, wanted to become a woman, Kourtney Kardashian is not planning to do the same with her son, 5-year-old Mason Disick. This is according to a new report on Radar Online.

What specifically is the report saying? 

According to a source who spoke to Radar, Scott and Kourtney are “truggling over how to explain to their children that their grandfather Bruce is becoming a woman.”

While the source claims that their “whole family is supportive of Bruce’s transition,” they acknowledged that “Scott thinks it is going to be a little weird to have to explain to the kids what is going on.”

Will Kourtney and Scott tell all of their children? According to the source, Kourtney and Scott think their their other children, 2-year-old Penelope and newborn Reign, are “too young to understand.”

However, 5-year-old Mason knows Bruce very well as “Pop Pop” and definitely will recognize the transition.

“As of right now, Bruce is ‘Pop-Pop’ to Mason and they do not know how they are going to tell Mason Bruce is going to now be a grandma,” the insider explained, adding that, “Mason is so inquisitive and nothing gets by him.”

So what are Kourtney and Scott going to do? The insider wrapped with telling Radar that, “Kourtney and the kids love Bruce. He has taken good care of them and has spoiled Kourtney and the children rotten as long as he’s known them. They’ll figure it out.”

We think it’s great to hear how supportive Kourtney and Scott are of Bruce’s transition and are certain they’ll find a way to explain it to their son that makes sense. Typically, at young ages, kids are extremely tolerant, understanding, and sympathetic.

Bruce’s Mom recently confirmed that he definitely is becoming a woman, detailing that she is extremely proud of him.


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