About the Authors

About the Site

The Real Mr. Housewife has been in existence for almost 3 years. This journey began with one celebrity interview and a Twitter account. In the time since, I have begun my own blog and continued to write for RumorFix.com and launched LeaBlackInk.com. I am proud of the content shared on this site and love connecting with my readers.

About the Authors


Matt Richards is an expert on all things reality television. Although he holds a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry and a Master’s in Early Childhood Education, his passion lies in the everyday stories surrounding celebrities and he is currently working on making this his full time career. He has a huge following on twitter (@realmrhousewife), works with various gossip sites, and of course has his own blog at realmrhousewife.com.  In addition to reality television, his passions include music, theater, LGTB issues, entertainment, and fashion.

HWHouseHusband is a stay at home father who loves all sorts of celebrity news! He is also an avid watcher of comedies and follows TV ratings fairly closely. He’s excited to be a part of RealMrHousewife.com and looks forward to sharing his passion with the readers of the blog.


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