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Girls Renewed For Fifth Season!

Posted: January 6, 2015 by RealMrHousewife in Celebrities, Real Mr. Celebrity, Television
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We LOVE HBO’s “Girls” and are so excited for it to premiere this Sunday. In advance of the new season beginning, HBO has already announced that…  (more…)


Yesterday, reports started circulating insisting Madonna is a racist due to her Rebel Heart photos she has been posting, some of which included the likes of Martin Luther King Jr. with the same wire she has over her face in the above photo. Madonna has taken to social media to respond. What did she say? (more…)


Since his divorce from Kris Jenner is finalized, Bruce Jenner is shopping a reality show of his own, according to a new article in US Weekly. Want details?  (more…)

Bill Cosby has been facing accusations of rape for the last few weeks, but the newest addition today is shocking. It is from his friend Sammy Davis Junior’s former mistress! What did she say about Bill and being raped?  (more…)


Madonna has responded to the leak this week of thirteen demos from her forthcoming album by releasing six songs early this morning on iTunes! Along with the six songs, Madonna released an album title and album cover. Want details? (more…)


This morning, Madonna fans are going INSANE about 13 new leaked songs that are supposedly Madonna’s forthcoming 2015 album, which has been dubbed “Iconic.” Is this truly her new album? Madonna has responded to the leak and said…  (more…)

Although actor Stephen Collins hasn’t commented at all on audio recordings that leaked of him claiming he had had inappropriate conduct with three underage girls, he has finally broken his silence. What is he saying?  (more…)


In the wake of her mother saying Bill Cosby is the man you thought you knew, Bill Cosby’s daughter, Evin, has released a statement on her Facebook. What is she saying? (more…)

Bill Cosby has definitely been having his share of allegations thrown his way the last few weeks. His wife, Camille, has kept mostly quiet- but it seems she has had enough and is speaking out. What is she saying?  (more…)