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While Kris Jenner may have protected her daughters Kendall and Kylie from knowledge that their father, Bruce, wanted to become a woman, Kourtney Kardashian is not planning to do the same with her son, 5-year-old Mason Disick. This is according to a new report on Radar Online.

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Bruce Jenner‘s mother, Esther Jenner, spoke to Radar Online yesterday to confirm Bruce was definitely transitioning into a woman!

Now, more of Esther’s conversation with Radar has been revealed!

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Remember back in October when Kris Jenner claimed that reports of Bruce Jenner becoming a woman had been “old reports that were regurgitated?” According to a new report on Radar Online, Kris had a reason for denying that Bruce was going to become a woman.

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This morning, we covered Radar Online’s interview with Bruce Jenner’s Mother claiming he definitely is becoming a woman. Now, a new report from Radar has surfaced, claiming Kris Jenner is EXTREMELY concerned about Bruce‘s transition- but he could care less! (more…)


Although Bruce Jenner’s Mom initially told him his long hair was ridiculous, it seems that Esther Jenner has changed her tune and is singing a different song.

In an exclusive conversation with Radar Online, Esther confirmed that Bruce is indeed becoming a woman!

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Fresh on the heels of news that Bruce Jenner is definitely going to be transitioning to a woman comes a new report claiming that Jenner is preparing to undergo sex change surgery.

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Kim Kardashian, step-daughter of Bruce Jenner, recently supported Jenner in an interview, claiming that he’s on a journey that is his to talk about.

Reports then surfaced that Kardashian’s family was LIVID with her for discussing this, as it was supposed to be a private family matter.

Does Kardashian care, though? Not according to a new story that has surfaced.

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For the past few weeks, there has been a ton of speculation and rumors surrounding Bruce Jenner allegedly deciding to transition from a male to a female.

Recently, step-daughter Kim Kardashian spoke out about Jenner, detailing how he’s the happiest she’s ever seen him and he’s on a journey that is “his to talk about.” In addition, he is supposedly getting his own reality show about his transition to a female. All of these stories have only fueled the notion that his transition is DEFINITELY going to happen.

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Kim Kardashian recently went on record supporting her step Dad Bruce Jenner, claiming he’s the happiest she’s ever seen him and detailing how Jenner will share what he’s been going through when the time is right.

Now, it has come to light that the Kardashians are LIVID with Kim for speaking out about Jenner.

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