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On last night’s The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Brandi Glanville showed up uninvited to Kyle Richards‘s gay mixer party was Kim Richards‘s guest. While Kim claimed she wanted them to patch things up, things did not go as planned, as more drama between the pair ensued.

Housewife Eileen Davidson took to her Bravo blog to express her thoughts on Glanville- and she is NOT mincing words.

What did she have to say? (more…)



Yesterday, Kyle Richards spoke exclusively with us about the way Brandi Glanville has acted towards her on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Housewife Lisa Vanderpump has taken to her Bravo blog to express her thoughts on Glanville‘s behavior. What did Vanderpump have to say?  (more…)


It has been a popular topic of conversation among The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills that housewife Brandi Glanville has a drinking problem. In fact, co-star Lisa Rinna even went as far as to claim that Glanville is masking her pain with alcohol!

This morning, Glanville appeared on Access Hollywood and addressed the claims she has a problem with alcohol.

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Last week, Brandi Glanville stepped into the role of Project Manager on Celebrity Apprentice. Her team was victorious, but Brandi doesn’t expect the rest of her time on the show to be smooth sailing. She even knows who her biggest competition is going to be. Who does she think it is?





The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Yolanda Foster has been severely suffering with Lyme Disease. She recently detailed how the disease has left her unable to read and write at times.

While Foster is currently trying out a new controversial treatment for the disease in Singapore, it is definitely nice for her to get words of encouragement from family, friends, and fans. While her husband, David, seems like he has been a huge help in offering her strength and comfort, it was nice to see Foster post on Instagram that Kris Jenner sent a gift to try to help brighten up her day. What did Jenner send?  (more…)


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kyle Richards got into a physical altercation with Brandi Glanville on this past week’s episode of the show, as Glanville was trying to stand in the way of Richards talking to her sister, Kim. After the physical portion, Glanville accused Richards of only being there for her sister when the cameras were rolling, whereas Glanville claimed she was always there for Kim. Glanville also claimed that Richards was jealous of her sister.

Richards took to her Bravo blog to address these accusations. What did she have to say?  (more…)


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Kim Richards definitely seemed out of it at Eileen Davidson‘s poker night. She has taken to her Bravo blog to explain what happened and update us on her sobriety status. What did Richards have to say?  (more…)


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Lisa Rinna recently claimed Brandi Glanville masks her pain with alcohol in her Bravo blog this week. In addition, on this week’s episode of the show, Rinna and the other ladies were claiming Glanville has a drinking problem. Glanville has taken to her Bravo blog to respond to these accusations.  (more…)


Real Housewife of Beverly Hills Brandi Glanville is taking it from all directions today. There was her co-star Lisa Rinna calling her out for masking her pain with alcohol. Then there was Eileen Davidson claiming her and Kim together is disturbing. Then, on Watch What Happens Live, Davidson called her wardrobe “hooker chic,” although she apologized afterwards. It seems Glanville has had enough, and she took to Twitter today to vent her frustrations; however, she ended up deleting the tweet. Luckily, we got our hands on it. Want to see?  (more…)